May 26, 2009

Why write this blog

As you might imagine from the title, this blog is about preparing for a nuclear disaster (namely a nuclear attack from another country). First, let me explain why I am blogging about nuclear preparedness. When I was a young teenager, I saw the first two Terminator movies. When they talked about Skynet nuking us, it made me wonder how many people in the world would survive if something like that did happen. I knew my family wasn't prepared, they were living paycheck to paycheck at the time. The closest thing we had to a fallout shelter was the crawl space under our house, 1/4 of which you could sit up straight, and the rest got smaller and smaller until you had to crawl on your belly. My grandparents (who lived less than a block away) had a basement, but only under about half of the house, and it leaked when it rained. And my grandparents never prepared for anything in their whole lives.

So, when I went house hunting as an adult, I looked for two things: a fair sized basement, and a house within a few blocks of my parents and grandparents. I found a house with plenty of room on the main floor for me to live in and plenty of room in the basement for storage and living (should it need to be used as a fallout shelter). It is also close to the rest of my family.

In this blog, I will pass along information I have found that might help those of you intereted in preparing for a nuclear disaster. I will also share different plans and storage ideas that I am using.

I should also explain my name in this first blog. I love the Terminator movies and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. My favorite line from them is "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves." This line has kept me from feeling like my life is out of control. And whenever I feel overwhelmed trying to prepare for the survival of myself, my brother, parents, grandma, our dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks, I think about that line. I want to decide my family's fate.

In the next blog, I will begin sharing information and ideas. For now, start thinking about what your life would be like without the convinence of electricity, water, and stores.

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