May 29, 2009

Get Ready

Tension with N. Korea is on the rise. N. K. is doing nuclear tests and missile tests - a bad combination. They act like they are getting ready for war. I don't know how far N.K. could reach the US with a nuke, but now is the time to get ready. STOCKPILE and LISTEN to the news. It is important that everyone be prepared.

That being said, I want to give you a word of warning: BE CAREFUL WHO KNOWS THAT YOU ARE STOCKPILING. I live within a few blocks of people that I know would try to take supplies from me during a longterm emergency - if they knew I had them. That is one reason I have guns and extra ammo hidden throughout my house. Most of the people in my small town seem like decent people, but even decent people can sometimes be pushed into doing desperate things.

There no way I could provide shelter or food or water for my entire town of about 400, but I can store other things that they may need after major disasters. I can store extra tarps, blankets, clothes, hand tools, and non-hybrid seeds. All of these things could mean the difference between most of my town surviving, or most of them dying after a massive nuclear or other disaster. I am currently using any extra money I have to finish buying supplies for my family. Once that is done, I can begin buying for my town. I just hope I have the time.

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