June 12, 2009


During a nuclear event, our entertainment choices will be limited. There will be no electricity or cable or satalite. Even if you have the solar panels to generate electricity, which may not work unless it is protected from any EMP, it will be wiser to use this electricity for cooking, running small heaters or fans, or recharging batteries.

So, what do you do without electric entertainment? My family likes several board and card games. I keep a regular deck of playing cards in the fallout shelter so we can play rummy or poker. Within a few days it should be safe to come out of the shelter for short periods of time (provided we keep fallout out of the shelter), and we could bring a few board games as well as any needed supplies into the shelter. Most of my family like to read, so I also keep a few magazines, novels, and books with short stories in the shelter. I also have sudoku books, pencils, and paper (we can copy the puzzle onto the paper so everyone can do the puzzle, if they want).
My fallout shelter is my basement, which has nothing over the concrete floor. I keep chalk in the shelter so we can play tic-tac-toe, hop scotch, or just keep score for some other game.

In all honesty, between cleaning, preparing meals, raising a garden, caring for animals, and guard duty, there probably won't be much time for games of any kind. But it's nice to be prepared.

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